Why You Should Try an Organic Catering Service

Most of us are already aware of the positive effect organic foods can have on our bodies. Choosing hormone-free, pesticide-free foods are the grocery store can help with overall health and wellness, and getting organic produce, meat, and dairy is easier than ever now that eco-conscious farming has become more mainstream. So why shouldn’t you choose organic catering for your next event? If you’re selecting a caterer for a party, wedding, or work event, there are tons of reasons to go organic. Whether you want the best caterer huntington ny has to offer or are looking for a smaller operation, you want the catering outfit you choose to keep your guests healthy and happy with flavorful, antioxidant-rich foods that everyone can enjoy. If you’re about to throw a big bash, here are a few reasons why you can’t afford not to go organic.

It Tastes Better

Ask anyone who’s done a taste test and they’ll tell you how superior organic foods taste, especially when it comes to produce. Since organic foods aren’t treated with chemicals, pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics, they’re not manipulated in any way. Being treated with natural fertilizer and no added chemicals means the integrity of the meat, dairy, and produce you’re eating stays intact. While conventional farms pump their produce full of modified growth hormone to create giant crops of fruits and vegetables that are largely tasteless, organic farms tend to be smaller, locally-grown, and eco-conscious when it comes to farming.

It’s Better For You

Since organic foods don’t introduce your body to any hard-to-wash-off chemicals or pesticides, you’re left with a cleaner eating experience. Organic foods also don’t compromise the nutrients of their produce or meats by exposing them to ionization or chromosome manipulation. This means you’re not only getting a flavorful meal, you’re getting a meal that’s full of vitamins and minerals that aren’t canceled out by pesticides. Organic vegetables can soak up all the nutrients found in the soil, giving you way more health benefits than their conventional counterparts. When it comes to organic meats and dairy, you’ll also be protected from the types of diseases that pop up when livestock doesn’t have access to grass and are kept in close confinement. By providing the best natural circumstances for plants and animals to grow and thrive in, organic farmers are creating more nutritious foods.

It Shows You Care

When it comes to food, organic produce and meats are considered the gold standard. When your guests come to an event that uses mostly conventional fruits and vegetables, it might seem like a half-hearted move on the part of the event thrower. While many people assume organic foods are far more expensive to purchase in bulk, this actually isn’t the case. Hiring an organic catering service won’t necessarily cost you more than a non-organic option, and it will show your guests that you put that extra layer of thoughtfulness in your party planning. Show your guests that you care about what they put into their bodies: Choose an organic catering service that will source fresh produce and meats for your next event.