Signs That It Is Time To Schedule An Appointment For an Eye Exam in Calgary

It is always a great idea to have regular eye exams. However, there are quite a few reasons why it is important to visit your optometrist between the predetermined appointments. Now, in this context, the meaning of the term “regular appointments” varies with age.

Children have three predetermined eye exam appointments before enrolling in first grade while individuals aged between 6 and 60 years, and who are not at risk should visit every two years. Those at risk should visit as often as their optometrist recommends it.

What does being at risk mean? Well, several factors place an individual at a higher risk compared to other individuals. This includes hypertension or diabetes. These conditions can have adverse consequences on eye health.

However, whether or not you are at risk, there are instances in which you should throw the eye care in Calgary appointment schedule out the window. Below are such instances and circumstances.

When You Start Squinting Often

When you start to notice you are straining and squinting to read signage, you should take it as a sign that you need to change your prescription or start wearing glasses. Squinting only gets you so far, the rest of the journey is covered by the help of the lenses in your glasses.

Floaters and Bright Flashes

While it is normal to have several floaters floating in the eyes, it can prove to be annoying. They, however, are not problematic. But in the event you suddenly get a new bunch, you most definitely need to schedule an eye exam. This is even more important if the new floaters come with bright flashes of light and even a loss of your peripheral vision. These usually are signs of retinal detachment. If the condition is not attended to fast, it can lead to permanent blindness.


Headaches are not necessarily a symptom of underlying eye problems. However, it is common for optometrists to conclude eye problems are the cause of some chronic headaches before all else. You might experience headaches courtesy of digital eye strain. All the same, you should not suffer in silence while an eye care in Calgary professional can help you with the situation.

Eye Infections

There are times when the eye infections will clear up without any prescription. But this is not a risk you should be willing to take. Things could go south any moment. If you experience blurred vision, an unusual eye discharge, are sensitive to light, notice redness, are itchy or feel pain, you should consult your local optometrist. Even when you are just experiencing a dry eye, go in for an eye exam. A dry eye that goes untreated for a while can open the door to some severe eye infections with grave results.


Great vision health is imperative to leading a life of high quality. You should not miss great opportunities and some fantastic views because of ignorance or lack of proper care. Any anomaly in your vision, regardless of how big or small it might be is sufficient reason to schedule eye exams.