Should You See an Optometrist in Dartmouth?

Should you see an optometrist in Dartmouth or your area? If that’s the question that you are asking yourself, the answer just might be yes! Making an appointment to see an eye doctor is essential. If you need eye glasses, contacts, or just want to update your prescription and get your eyes checked out, you might want to pick up the phone and call the office of your local optometrist.

Not sure you should see one yet? Then read on, because we’re giving you some awfully good reasons to make an appointment. Scroll down and see what we mean!

Should You See an Optometrist?

As we go on through life, our eyesight can gradually evolve. While you may not end up at the X-Men level where you have to wear a visor to keep your laser vision from bursting out and burning walls and such, this does mean that your sight needs can change in as little as five years. Perhaps you’re not used to needing glasses to read or to see long distances, but now you feel like you just can’t see the same way that you used to.

That’s totally normal, and also a good reason to see your local optometrist. They will give you an eye exam to make sure that everything is functioning as it should be and that you have no apparent health issues detected. Sometimes the eyes can be the gateway to other illnesses when displaying symptoms of a more serious illness, but statistically, you don’t need to worry about that as the majority of people that walk in those doors walk out with simply an updated prescription and maybe an order for a new pair of eye glasses or contacts.

Only a qualified optometrist in Dartmouth will be able to tell you what’s going on with your vision – whether it’s improved, deteriorated, or stayed largely the same. They will be able to tell you whether your current glasses are fine or it’s time to try something different if you’re open to it, like progressive lenses or bifocals. You can also get some neat things such as blue light blocking glasses or prescription sunglasses that take your spectacles to that next level of usefulness.

Even if you want new glasses or a backup pair for reading, your optometrist can help you select a pair and then let you know when the glasses are in. It never hurts to have another pair on hand that you can take with you to the airport or just keep in a different area of the house or in your vehicle for driving. Two pairs, three pairs, four pairs – it’s all in the name of convenience (and maybe a little bit of fashion).

Lastly, if you want to get contacts, contacting your optometrist is a great choice. They’ll be able to professionally evaluate your sight and make sure you are getting the right lens for you. Whether they focus on comfort, breathability, or cater to your astigmatism, get the contacts that

match your needs. If you find yourself in any of these situations or you’re just overdue for a checkup, call to make an appointment today!