Maintain A Good Health With Regular Tests

For having an attractive lifestyle and appealing approach towards people, the most important thing is to maintain a good health which is gained through healthy food and vegetables. Besides this, it is also important to keep a regular check of your health conditions with regular health checkup  that are conducted by healthcare welfare organizations or by the health care centers. This is important to know whether your healthy diet is giving you any positive benefits or not.

Thus get your tests done weekly or monthly in order to be aware and know more about your underlying health conditions. Glucose levels in the body are majorly maintained by the acting gland, pancreas and other hormones secreted from it, but this hormone may become less secreted due to various factors like age, hereditary occurrence, pregnancy, surgery etc. therefore it is very important for people above the age of 30 years to get their blood sugar tests done at regular intervals. This will not only prevent the occurrence of diabetes but also determines the extent to which the disease can be controlled. This is very important for the families who have a diabetic family history.

Other than this, fasting blood sugar tests also play a very crucial role in determining whether the person is diabetic or not. Fasting blood sugar test is done early morning before having breakfast as the patient’s dinner is digested by then and then it empty stomach blood sugar is measured which is also known as fasting blood sugar. This is an important indicator of the insulin hormone being produced in the body for the metabolism of sugars that is carbohydrates. Hence a blood glucose test measures the amount of a sugar called glucose in a sample of your blood.

For the preparation of the test, following is done:

  • After you haven’t eaten anything for at least 8 hours, fasting test is performed
  • At any time of the day that is random sugar test
  • Two hours after having a meal, it is known as post prandial blood sugar test or oral glucose tolerance test.

Thus these tests play a very important role to be done. They are important and sole indicators of diabetes. Thus one should get these tests done in case the risk factors are involved. One another important test being done is GTT that is glucose tolerance test. This is done in order to see whether the body is able to tolerate the appropriate or say the standard glucose levels. These tests are the sole indicators for measuring the blood glucose thus they can be done in order to know the underlying diabetic condition of a person.

People should always thus be educated to study the importance of these tests and then imply these in their own lives. These tests have their own beneficence. Besides serving as a guiding tool for the people, it also helps the medical professionals to solve such health problems pertaining to that specific age group.