Like Fried Food but Looking to Shed Some Pounds? Try Air Fryers!

Everyone is talking about these air fryers, and how they can help you cook healthier meals. But you still deep fry your delicious chicken, don’t you? Well, maybe it is time to stand on the weights and see those digits. What does it say? Just be honest with me now. I thought so!

If losing weight has become a necessity, but you still want to enjoy those fried chicken nuggets, consider donating your deep fat fryer to  GoodWill, and purchasing an air fryer.

What is the difference you may ask? Is it really a better option that will help me become healthier, or am I just throwing away money to the wind buying another useless kitchen appliance

I will try to calm your concerns and answer your questions below.

Frying with Oil vs no Oil

Cooking your food in a deep fryer means you will end up using up to 4 quarts of oil. Need to bake a Thanksgiving dinner for a small family? You will run through five gallons of oil in no time! Can you imaging how many calories this will add to the dish? And how many inches this will eventually add to your waist!

Using an air fryer means wasting up to seventy five percent less oil. Some air fryers require no oil at all! So clearly air fryers are a better choice in this regard.

Dishwasher safe parts

Air fryer are also super easy to clean. They come with easily disassembled parts that you can throw into your dishwasher and they’ll come out clean as a whistle.

Deep fat fryers get super greasy when you use them. Oil is sprayed all over the kitchen. It will end up on the floor, on the walls, on the kitchen counter. You will need to hire a cleaning squad to get rid all the oil everywhere.

Air Fryers Are Safer!

Air fryers are so safe and easy to use, even your dog can do it! You can read more about the different functions of air fryers in this detailed review. The lid prevents spillages, and you don’t have to wait around the appliance when it is cooking. When it is done, it will simply shut off, or go into standby mode. You can go take a nap and not worry about burning down the house.

Deep fat fryers on the other hand are a hassle and a hazard. Why am I saying this? My personal experience with this appliance has not been very positive. Burnt hands, oil shooting in every direction. It’s been so bad at times, I had to wear a mask for the fear of getting my face burnt while cooking some silly French fries. You always need to hover around, watching it, making sure your food doesn’t get burnt.

Besides, in an air fryer, you are not limited to only deep frying your food. You can actually (I am being serious now) bake a cake! Yes, you can bake, you can fry, grill and much more (depending on how adventurous you are with your cooking skills).

Food tastes better

The food from an air fryer comes out drier ad not as juicy as with the deep fryer. But after using the appliance for over 6 months, I’ve gotten used to it! Yes, in fact, I like the taste better now, and I supplement all my meals with a large glass of kombucha.

So do the right thing, for your health’s sake a switch to using air fryers!