Holistic and Healing Treatments for Pain and Wellbeing

Does pain or a nagging and persistent sense of un wellness govern your life? Do you feel like you need to utilize some form of pain management or the way that you feel physically will be overwhelming? Many people experience aches and pains as they grow older. But when it comes to treatment for physical problems that you have, maybe you have not considered certain treatments and what a positive effect they might have.

Even if you haven’t, today we’re talking about what these different treatments are and what they can do for you. Whether you have generalized pain, trouble sleeping, hip pain, neck pain in Mississauga, or something else, read on and find out more!

Holistic and Healing Treatments for Pain and Wellbeing


This holistic approach just went legitimate as the western world has recognized it as having medical effects at last. Acupuncture is a process by which a licensed and certified practitioner will stick needles into different parts of your body in order to adjust the ‘qi’, which is life flow.

Even though it might sound kind of scary, this process does not hurt as much as it sounds like it does and has been shown to help a variety of issues, from poor appetite to quitting smoking to reducing pain like hip pain or neck pain in Mississauga. If you think that your insurance might cover this holistic approach, why not make an appointment and try it out? You might be glad you did.


Massage may be a powerful tool to have when it comes to feeling better and healing. There’s evidence that human touch paired with the physical benefits of massage can be extremely beneficial – even babies born prematurely do better when touched by strangers or family and given little baby massages. Something about it does the trick! Try this if you have pain and you may find that it is reduced, you sleep better, and you may even heal faster.


This is a process of burning dried mugwort over the body. It is used in traditional medicine that includes Japan, China, Tibet, Korea, Mongolia, and Vietnam. Mugwort is aged and ground up into a light fluff that is either burned or shaped into a stick. It can be burned on the patients skin or used with acupuncture needles on certain points of the body. This traditional Chinese therapy may help you manage pain and is also used to treat cancer, turn a baby from breech, and fight constipation and hypertension, among other things.


Reiki is definitely a holistic practice, but one that is getting picked up by the masses more and more. If you’ve never heard of Reiki, you might want to research it online. It is a practice of using Universal Light Energy that goes from the practitioner to the recipient. It is thought to harmonize the mind, the body, and the spirit. There might be centres near you that practice Reiki and so if you have any interest in checking it out, you should!


A chiropractor might be able to help you feel relief where other procedures or approaches cannot. While many people have strong beliefs over whether a chiropractor can actually help you or their approach makes things worse, one thing is for sure – if you have issues and your doctor recommends that you see a chiropractor, go see one! They might help.