Get Protein Packed and Super Healthy High Carb Diet

To gain a muscle mass, high carb food is essential. A significant dose of carbohydrate needed to get a big body. Though carbs are blamed for causing obesity, yet this is not so true.

Junk food that is highly processed and refined grains is through a high carb diet, yet fattening and unhealthy.  This is not true for whole foods because fiber-rich foods also contain a significant amount of carbohydrate. National Institute of Health, high carb to the low-fat diet is considered better than high fat to low carb diet.

The healthy diet and weight loss concepts are interrelated. This theory strikes a blow against the idea of eating to carbohydrates.

List of High Carb Diet to Be Incredibly Healthy:

Healthy fats are the essential part of being healthy. It is a term that is a long-term source of energy for the human body. It is clear that too many fats or carbohydrate will cause you to be obese, but this is not so true. If you intake too many healthy fats, too many proteins and sugar that will make an issue, hence causing you fat.

All what you need is a balanced diet to stay healthy, be fit and gain necessary nutrients. If you eat healthy carbs, it will create a boost in insulin; that is resultant of promoting anabolism and anabolism, in turn, is a term for muscle building. As insulin increases in your body, burn calories from your body. Sugary cereals, cakes, and processed foods must not be used, yet following list high carb dietary food is healthy for you.

Seeds, Vegetables, and Fruits:

The nutritious grain, quinoa, is favorite among those who love natural things to be healthy. It is rich in plant compounds and minerals. Being rich in proteins and fiber, it is gluten-free also. Oat is the healthiest grain, antioxidant food and full of nutrition.

Beetroot contains all required minerals, plant compounds and potent antioxidants. Similarly, sweet potato, bananas, oranges and apples are the right sources of fibers and proteins, providing you healthy carbohydrates. Dry fruits are a perfect high carb diet. They contain potassium that is best for blood pressure regulation.

Protein packed food is perfect to gain energy. However, avoid taking too much protein for the muscle building.

High Carb Foods for You:

Eggs are the best source of carbohydrate, to be active and to get good muscles. An omelette can be added to breakfast to have a daily dosage of carbs. Chicken, meat, fish and its dishes are the rich sources of carbs. For instance, London broil steak that is red is a high carb food.

Eat pasta; it is high carb food. Bread is full of carbohydrates; you must add the punch of it to your everyday meal. Nutrient-dense carbs, those are also healthy to gain weight availed from healthy oils, e.g. peanut oil, nuts, avocado, and vegetable fats.

Use noodles, snow peas, fish pasta, and beans in your daily intake. Beans family is the perfect food to have more carbohydrates. Black beans, brown beans, kidney beans and green beans can be added to salads, soups, and lunch recipes to boost your health.