Top Characteristics of Good Leadership

A leader is one who leads the way and has a willing crowd following him. There are also adages that go like A leader is born, not made. This could be quite true due to the fact that you only have few leaders who can inspire the crowd and can lead them in the right way. However, anyone who can prove to make a difference between success and failure is also considered a leader. What is leadership? Leadership can be considered as the art of motivating a group of people to act in such a way that they together are prepared to achieve a common goal. However, there is also a contrary view that it is the ability to get things done irrespective of how it is achieved is also leadership.

Difference between leader and a manager

The query What is leadership often brings different images in different people’s mind. Quite often the managers are considered as leaders which are quite not the case. A leader needs managing skills but has to do a lot more than managing people. A leader should be able to create a vision, motivate and inspire people to identify with the vision and he also manages the processes as well as coaches and builds the team to collectively achieve the vision. The managers, in contrast, follow goals, control risks and rely on the proven skills of others to form systems and processes to achieve the goals.

Characteristics associated with Leadership

What is leadership is being addressed in different ways by different people? But in general, there are certain characteristics that a leader possesses. While there might be a number of characteristics that are important for a leader, certain characteristics are far more important than others and they are


However clear and definite your planning might be, there is always a scope for things to go against the plan due to man-made or natural disasters. It is important for the leader to accommodate changes to meet the challenges and make changes that are appropriate to deal with the situation.


The important thing for a leader is to have a vision. But to motivate you and to get you to identify with the vision, he must be able to communicate the vision as well as the process that will lead you to the goal. This can be established through the personal strength and character and the way in which he empowers his followers


Handling pressure and the ability to persevere even during crisis periods as well as courage to differ from the others and standalone are the important characteristics that will establish the character and grit of the leader.


Having said that the important characteristic that defines what is leadership is to be able to stand alone, the leader should not be arrogant and bossy. He should maintain effective channels of communication and talk to and listen to the followers.


Having said that the leader directs the group, you must note that a good leader is one who accepts praise for what he has done but at the same time is ready to hold himself responsible when things go wrong.

A leader focusses on the destination and leads the team in a focused manner to get to the destination with the help of the special characteristics that differentiates him from others.