4 Exercises to Relieve Back Pain

Back pain is a common condition that affects every person at one point in his life. Although not serious, back pain is really uncomfortable and leads to disruption in daily life. You can often hear people complain about their back pain and how it is negatively affecting them. Back pain is of various kind, there is upper, lower as well as middle back pain. The symptoms of back pain varies according to its cause and determining the cause of back is no easy task. However, regardless of the cause, one treatment is common for relieving back pain and that is physical therapy. Exercises such as stretching helps immensely for treating back pain. Here are some simple exercises you can do if you are suffering from back pain.

Cat and Cow Stretch

This exercise is perfect for alleviating upper and middle back pain. Place an exercise mat and position yourself on all fours. Support yourself on your hands and knees while keeping your head straight. Now, lift your head and upper torso in such a way that it stretches your chest and contracts the muscles on your back. Move your shoulders backwards to relax the back muscles. Hold the position for 10 seconds and repeat the motion at least 5 times in a set.

Palm Tree Pose

This is a really simple stretching exercise that you can perform wherever you are however, you should do this exercise regularly and at a specific time for better results. Stand up on the ground by joining your feet and make sure to keep your posture completely straight. Now, lift your arms up and entwine the fingers of both of your hands. Stretch your hands upwards. You should feel your arms, shoulders and back stretch along with your hands. Hold the outstretches position for 10 to 8 seconds and repeat for about 5 times in a set. You should do this exercise more often.

Half Lord of the Fish

This exercise is really effective for relieving middle and lower back pain. Start by sitting in a crossed-legged position and make sure to keep your head and back totally aligned with each other. Now, bend one of your leg at knee and lift it over the other leg. Keep your lifted leg firmly placed in that position. It can be a little difficult for beginners but it gets easier as the muscles in your body loosens. In this exercise, you can feel the sides of your back stretch. Hold the position for at least 12 seconds and repeat the same pose with your other leg. Do 5 sets of this exercise in a regimen.

Legs up the Wall

For immediate back pain relieve, this pose is the best. Lay on your back near a wall and lift your legs up while using the wall as support. Slowly, align your legs straight up the wall and make sure to keep your head and back straight to the ground. You should be able to feel the muscles of your lower back stretch as you straighten up your legs. Stay in the position for 10 seconds and repeat at least 8 times during exercise.